• Our IT Solutions

    We provide the solutions for complete IT  infrastructure.
    From LAN to WAN, Security Surveillance and MEP area,
    Big roof of complete solutions. 

IT & Networking Solutions |


We are one-stop provider of LAN( Local Area Network), Designing client Servers, Designs Circuits and Devices, Designs Circuits and Devices, Structure Cabling, With UTP, STP, Termination, Testing & Commissioning, Supply of Network products & Accessories, Supply & Installation of Network Cabinets, Floor mount & Wall mount, Supply & Termination of UTP and Optic fiber Cables for Patch panels, Supply and Termination of UTP & fiber Optical Network Points, WIFI And Optic Fiber Cabling, Termination, Testing & Commissioning, 

Low Current Networking.

  • Structured Cabling, UTP, STP, Termination, Testing & Commissioning

  • Supply & Installation of Networking Cabinets, Floor mount & Wall Mount, Network Products & Accessories...etc.

  • Supply & Termination of UTP & Fiber Optical Network Points with patch panels.

WAN Topology

  • Supply and Termination of WAN nano micro points, connectivity between the offices.
  • IP Telephone system between branch offices.
  • Implementing the GSM 4G & 5G systems.

Design Management

  • We design Circuits and Devices for IoT.
  • Design client and server technologies. 
  • Design the WiFi networks and Branch offices network.


Business Applications

  • Helpdesk Ticketing Systems.
  • Business Online Accounting Application. GZAT Approved.
  • Cloud base online inventory management systems.
  • Web site development

Datacenter Management

  • Design and setup the new Datacenter. 
  • Re-design the old Datacenter.
  • Design and implement the Raised Access Floor, contentment cooling  systems, FireAlarm systems, Security access systems.


  • We host Virtual Private Servers & Dedicated Private Servers.
  • We register Domains and provide hosting services.
  • Website developments.
  • Cloud base email 

Supply & Terminations